Helping you build a sustainable business is not enough.

Let’s make it a profitable one.

It’s 9 a.m.. You just woke up.

You pour yourself a cup of your favorite Arabica and soak in the aroma.

A quick glace at your tablet and you realize you’ve just made $1,000 while asleep. Your product is booming this season.

Quick inventory check. Okay, let’s order a few more units of that other product from the supplier.

Everything’s ready for your big promotion. But wait…

… you’ve got an amazing trip to France planned before that, to unwind and just relax. After all, you deserve it.

You’ve come a long way since you joined.

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Welcome to Northbound Academy

The reason family and friends will think you're crazy... and then got an overnight success

Let’s face it: 9 out of 10 people binge on information courses. They watch dream, the lifestyle, the glamour. But they don’t want the business, the hustle, the hard work, the late nights spent researching in scouring the completion.

Sure, you can make squillions of dollars in revenue with commodity products that sell like crazy, but that’s where most get it wrong.

Revenue is BS if all you get – after costs and taxes – are scraps you can barely pay rent with. You’d have merely created another 9 to 5 for yourself where you’re also the boss and are responsible for EVERYTHING that happens.

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Your business doesn't have to devour and suppress your passion. It must be the reason you can follow it.

Yes, we want you to build a brand you’re proud of, but it doesn’t make sense if you cannot get money out of your business until you’ve made millions.

That’s why we hold your hand and keep you accountable at every step. We guide you through actually doing only through learning it. And we give you feedback that’s specific to your situation so you can actually use it.

You can make money AND make an impact.

Everyone here at the Academy started with an Amazon business and is still selling on Amazon. If there’s one thing we’ve learned being in the trenches, it’s that money is just the byproduct of a profitable business.

You realize you’ve actually made it when you see the impact you can make.

It’s about the ripple effect you create that reaches your customers, your employees, your loved ones – those who will call you an overnight success but will be thankful you’ve actually put in the work and kept following that “crazy dream”.

That’s what we want you to strive for and achieve. And we won’t let you fail.

The first 90 days has been immense I had no clue I was going to learn so much, how brill you and the team would be or how much there is to know about this biz, truthfully without you guys, the weekly calls and the group I probably would have been overwhelmed by it all. I now know I know only a tiny part of the puzzle and am looking forward to be continued training with you, whether it's K&I or Northbound.
– Rosalind

Meet the Academy Coaching Team

We don’t bite, and please don’t call us ‘gurus’.

Isaac Kuhlman

Isaac Kuhlman

Training Director

  • Amazon business consultant to over 200+ past clients
  • Active Amazon business owner
  • Author and Presenter of the online selling course “Sourcing Profits” which did over 7 figures in sales
  • Co-creator of “PKI Bootcamps”
  • China Sourcing Specialist
Darrell Paterson

Darell Paterson

Team Leader

  • Selling on since 2014
  • Currently selling across 6 markets
  • Approximately $2M in sales of own branded products sold to date
Rebecca Scanlon

Rebecca Scanlon

  • Selling on Amazon since 2015
  • Monthly sales over 100,000 and growing
  • Expert in Amazon Branding and Copywriting
  • One of only 200 Certified Bredon Burchard High Performance Coaches
  • Former President of C.R. Beans Inc. which owned and operated four high-volume coffee shops in New York
  • Wife and Mom to two children
Tim Shelton

Tim Shelton

  • Selling on Amazon since August 2015
  • Sold 1.5M this year and growing
  • Small business expert with 24 years of ownership and management experience, directing teams from 3 to 50
  • Full-time on Amazon since February 2017 and now lives in 9 market, plus Shopify and
  • Skilled in account security, IT security, and account suspension
  • Devoted family man and world traveler (spent all of 2017 traveling the world with family)
Amanda Tucker

Amanda Tucker

  • Selling on Amazon since 2016
  • Co-manager for a USD $5+ million per year Amazon empire,  while also building a start-up business which currently operates in 7 countries
  • 20+ years career background in blue-chip consumer brand marketing and cooperate change management operations
  • 15+ years team leadership and personal coaching experience (5-30 team members)
  • A ‘born and bred’ Brit, living in Sydney, Australia. Globally mobile!

Northbound Academy Advisors

Solid business advice from established business owners

Kirsty Verity
Kirsty Verity
  • Chief Growth Officer and Product Director in Northbound Group
  • Sold over $12M in physical products in three years on Amazon
  • Strategic branding expert – 20 years’ experience developing branding and marketing strategies for many household brands including Durex and Ribena
Dan Ashburn
Dan Ashburn
  • Chief Strategy Officer in Northbound Group
  • Grown multiple brands in different markets on and of Amazon
  • Digital marketing expert and former 7-figure digital marketing agency owner
  • certified partner
  • Traffic and SEO expert
Scott Deetz
Scott Deetz
  • CEO of Nortbound Group, LLC
  • Business exit consultant who sold his first business for more than $10,000,000
  • Raised more than $25,000,000 in investment
  • Serial entrepreneur and active Amazon business owner
  • Life passion to help other business owners realise their worth
Lyden Smithers
  • Amazon selling expert
  • Amazon EU specialist
  • Production director in Northbound Partners directing operations across multiple 6 and 7-figure brands
  • Grown brands from 0 to 6-figures per month in less than 12 months
John Comerford
John Comerford
  • Former 7-figure digital marketing agency owner
  • certified partner
  • Google Partner
  • Paid traffic expert
  • Funnel builder
  • Systems integration specialist

Build and grow a REAL BUSINESS on Amazon

We’ve had to learn how to do it the hard way, through our life and work experiences, and by making a lot of mistakes

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