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Free Training

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Whatever stage in your Amazon selling journey you’re at, find all the guidance and private coaching you need to go from newbie to owner of a profitable business.

Ride the wave to an explosive exit

Amazon FBA is growing. Sold multiples range between 2x and 5x and there’s a lot of room for more than just an average payday.

It all comes down to how you plan your exit strategy.

Let our Amazon business coaching team help you:

  • Stage your business
  • Get clear on your business’ real numbers
  • Build a valuation pitch for maximum sale price
  • Find a buyer and execute the negotiation
  • Get 1-on-1 guidance for even better results
Ride the wave to an explosive exit

Pick a time and day that works for you and start learning how
you can sell your Amazon business to the highest bidder.

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Your business doesn't have to be yet another 9 to 5

Build a business that works FOR you, with specific advice and guidance from our coaches.

Who are we?
This has completely changed my life. It has helped me to have my own home, and it has helped me to travel... My sales continue to grow and my clarity is huge."

– Marion Gentry, Hilton Head, South Carolina

Who are we?

We’re the people who won’t let you fall. 

We’ve been through it all and know how hard and lonely it can get. That’s why we’ve created Northbound Academy.

In a world of so-called gurus, you need peers you can talk to and learn from. Mentors who won’t pull punches when they think you need to fix something.

We’re in this together.

Whether you’re in to leave your full-time job, take an entire year to travel the world,
or simply work from home on your terms, the people you’re joining know it’s all possible.

Get more money out of your business

Go from where you are to finally reaping the rewards of a profitable Amazon buiness, step by step.

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